Dimensions, timelines and multiple universes

What if there are multiple dimensions within or around our universe with alternate timelines and multiverses all happening slightly synchronously and separately and energetically affecting each other?

What if loads of versions of us are all typing/reading this right now and don’t need to communicate only in dreams?

I’m still working out how dimensions and timelines and multiple universes and mirror and spirit planes work – there’s a lot going on to make sense of.

At the time I saw this image, I thought “Hello mes! Got any thoughts, jokes or tips? Please leave them in the 5D mailbox, many thanks! Future this dimension/universe timeline me, could you get back to me on those lottery numbers and timings plsthx 🙏🤝🙌” – and they did! No lottery numbers yet, that seems to be a more convoluted request, full of morale based decisions on whether money or love should be the driving force in life to make you happy – but I did indeed receive messages from other versions of me. Ask, and you shall receive! Being open to the possibility of something happening, believing it will happen – and it will – that’s the nature of how we create our own reality. Is it real? Is it imagination? Is it both? Who knows, but if it feels right, follow it.. and thoughts become reality.

How? Why? Well, it comes down to there being multiple timelines, dimensions and universes, all wrapped up in a multiverse of infinite possibilities. There are many different unproven scientific and spiritual theories on how these all fit together, and to be honest i’m not 100% on the maths, i’m going by what I’ve personally interpreted spiritually and physically experienced.

I don’t believe that every single action we take creates a new universe – but a collective group of people all moving towards feeling and thinking similarly can create enough of an energy to create a new timeline, which then splits off of the previous dimension as a parallel universe where things are a little different.

These happen at specific points in time, determined by big astrological events which creates intense energy, and emotional reactions from the people experiencing it, at the same time. We don’t usually notice the timeline jump physically, if we do it’s a bit like standing up too fast and briefly losing our balance and sight. Usually though we just wake up and everything feels a little different, and the world starts reflecting our thoughts and beliefs to reflect our new reality.

Dimensions are like energy bubbles, which grow by thought – thought bubbles. The more your thoughts are shared with others, the bigger the metaphorical bubble. Of course, we all have lots of thoughts, so there are lots of bubbles, and they span the entire globe. Whoever thinks the most globally, that something is or isn’t ‘true’, it becomes the bigger bubble and slowly through culture that bubble spreads and takes over the globe and its opposing bubble with what is considered “truth”.

Shared thoughts become a shared reality

When we sleep or if we astral travel, our brains are shifting from the third dimension to the astral planes, and we pop out of our dimensions full of one sided thought bubbles, and into the collective consciousness where all of these things don’t matter any more, as all realities are equally true.

If you look online you’ll see multiple versions of how many dimensions there are, and the different energies and experiences associated with them. There are thirteen dimensions to explore in this life, as far as I can understand, or at least has been put to me by spirit and interpreted by my brain. Accessing them takes time and dedication to enter into a meditative trance state and explore them one at a time. It can’t be rushed – not naturally – our brains need to understand each dimension one at a time in order to not have huge cognitive dissonance towards the experience, as each time our perception of reality is thrown away and we have to start again with something more complex.

Humanity is currently undergoing a shift in consciousness – which you can see in real life around the globe, as traditional systems of control are being challenged, and compassion and care for the earth becoming widespread daily news. As this spreads, humanity will shift in consciousness towards 5D – the snowball energy effect of this has already been set in place, it’s now a matter of time until enough people awaken and we all shift towards a world where love and compassion replace control and authority. This is the dawning of the age of Aquarius – as big an astrological event as we could get.

At the end of this dimension exploring journey is what people refer to as source – the creator – God – the big bang – the spring of the river of life. Whatever it is we are drawn to return to it – both as a collective consciousness, and as individuals with our own spiritual journey. While spirit guides offer confusing messages and our lives are full of doubt and fear, here there is just pure clarity. Logic. Reason. Justice. Bliss. All those energies religions make a big fuss about and try to teach people to access through commandments and the like. Source feels like pure unadulterated universal truth, and when we can communicate with it, all of our fears and problems melt away. If only we could stay in this dimension permanently – it’s a rare, awe inspiring and more beautiful experience than I can possibly put to words.

I believe that our creator has a creator, and that the thirteenth dimension is full of creators – a universe of universes of universes. As if our universe is a petri dish in a lab, and in 13D we get to see a room full of petri dishes, all running their individual experiments based on different rules, code, DNA etc. I can’t get any further than that – it makes my brain feel like it’s literally melting with alternate possibilities and overloading energy, and frankly thirteen is more than enough to keep us occupied!

Ultimately, I am not completely sure about any of this. This is what it feels like, to me, personally. In my dimension of reality. If yours differs, it’s probably correct too, for you. That’s the beauty of all of this – every thought and belief is true and right, to the individual, in their universe and timeline and dimension. And also meaningless, as to someone else it could be wrong for their valid reasons, and that is true. Opinions aren’t worth having, ultimately. But then, life would be boring if we didn’t have any, and the universe wants to experience itself, so here we are, forming opinions, making dimensions, and giving the universe a great time exploring itself!

Spirit comes to us all in different ways

We all interpret spirit in a variety of ways, and each of us will have a slightly different perspective of spirituality or religion depending on our cultural influences. Perhaps your brain interprets spirit energy as the entire connected universe, Source, your superconscious, intuition, a passed over relative, a man with a beard, a lady with wings, a lanky human with a bird head and impractically long beak, an animal guide, a plant, mother earth, a goddess with lots of arms, or a giant spaghetti octopus monster – it’s real to you and your reality, and likely a bunch of other people too.

If it works, it works, and we say “yes, that is Real” and lock it in our brains as ‘Truth’. The problems come when we judge other people’s realities as wrong. This is our ego defending our fragile reality by going on the attack first. We all do it. I am doing it right now by writing this and expressing my opinion. But that’s all it is, an opinion based on my view of what reality is, which is unique to me.

Reality is a fragile construct indeed. We all have a different version of what it is, and we surround ourselves with other people who share that opinion. This validates our perspectives as a ‘truth’. As long as we remember that our view of spirituality is personal to us and others are equally as valid, all is well.

Why do some people find Goddess Isis reach out to them, whilst others may hear the voice of God, or perhaps Odin, or Kali? Because they are all energies which are available to us to access via our imagination and intuition. If we have heard of a specific God archetype in the past and subconsciously identified with it as an aspect of our personality, then that God/ess may reach out to you. They are manifestations of our subconscious, whilst also being real in their own right in an alternative spirit plane. ‘God’ creates us, we create gods, in our image – in ways in which we can understand, surrounded by mythological tales which reflect aspects of humanity and our own journeys. Essentially we are putting labels and images on top of energies we just ‘feel’, and interacting with them. This is connecting with spirit. We are essentially universal translators – the gods we speak to will come with our voices, in our language – but they will feel quite different, and have an independent energy of their own.

You may find trees talk to you, a monster from a horror movie, or a king from the Orion system. At different stages of the spiritual awakening process, it may be that you have some form of contact with multiple different kinds of spirits and extra terrestrial energies. Just go with it – whatever is reaching out to you, is right for you to engage with and learn from. When people discuss the spiritual messages they receive from a variety of sources, they often seem to end up being the same messages, delivered in a different format. All paths seem to lead to the same destination eventually, and everyone takes a slightly different path that feels right for them.

There’s no right or wrong way. Just your way.

Expressing our shadow side at halloween

Our subconscious is always trying to express itself, through our hair colour, the things we display in our homes, our clothes, our creativity. At Halloween, we feel it’s acceptable to publicly express our shadow side, even though our conscious mind thinks we’re just dressing up for a laugh. Halloween can give us the most fascinating psychological insight into ourselves and the people around us.

Michael’s likely being killed by his unrequited love feels. His social skills have let him down and he’s resorted to being a creepy stalker, out to punish those sorority girls and anyone having sex with them, because he feels he can’t. Anyone who dresses up as him, likely has a bit of stalker inside them too, if they’re honest with themselves! They hopefully won’t act on it, but what do they think about in secret, or watch on the internet? That’s the secret shadow side of Michael Myers fans.

Adults who express themselves as a devil or demon on Halloween (or through snapchat filters any time of year) – are subconsciously representing the subconscious monster inside, controlling and enhancing their conscious fear and anger. They’re either metaphors for their inner demons, the thoughts that plague them at night when they’re trying to sleep… or they’re negative spirit attachments, depending on what you believe.

Ghosts are heard but not seen – they don’t matter or aren’t taken seriously in daily life, they might make a lot of noise but still get ignored, and may as well be invisible.

Buffy the vampire slayer / Faith – they’re probably a bit of a mess but fighting back, and totally kicking ass!

Vampires = energy vampires. They don’t love themselves, they’re broken inside and narcissistic. To make themselves feel good they slowly suck the life out of the people around them, literally feeding on their happiness / energy until their victim’s an empty husk.

Superheroes / film characters – they relate to this character, they feel their feels, they want others to understand them and see them as this character in a way. Most superheroes have a tragic past, but overcome it or use it to become something greater than they were before, or maybe they just get revenge on their oppressors. It depends on the character.

Supervillains? Same as superheroes, but more damaged. i.e. The Halloween Jokers & Harley Quinns relate to their character’s inner madness. Inside them there’s a psychopath just waiting to come out… all it takes it one bad day to go completely insane, and then they might beat you to death with a baseball bat and a grin on their face.

Freddy Krueger wants to scare and abuse teenagers for some likely very dark reasons, and does so while they’re sleeping… *shudder*

Jason Vorhees? See Michael Myers, but less of a stalker, more of an angry psycho! Trapped in a watery grave of emotion, likely because of his demanding mother. Anyone sexually active is going to get stabbed, ’cause if he can’t get some, no-one can.

Sexy cats or anything sexy on a night meant to be about Samhain? They likely use sex to numb their pain, and use their sexuality to control others to get what they need.

T-Rex? They’re powerful and scary but also extinct / old / irrelevant, they feel their thoughts and actions don’t matter and are rejected by others.

Princesses don’t take responsibility for their own life, instead they want a prince / king / sugar daddy to look after them. They require a pony, a palace, and all of your money, or they’ll scream and scream until they turn blue!

Pirates want to live free, irresponsibly, drunkenly, stealing their treasure from others. They have a great time, but are emotionally plundering society / others’ hard work / finances, unless they’ve got their own treasure – in which case they’re just party animals.

Witches – well, basically yeah, they’re a witch. They’ve got special skills, commune with spirit / nature, feel outcast by society who want to burn them ‘cause they’re scared of their power. Witches can be lovely, there are many good ones, but people dressing as evil witches on Halloween are likely expressing they’re drawn to power and spells / manifestations to control and influence others. Spells don’t turn out well, dark witches! See “The Craft”!

As for me.. my go to Halloween costume has always been Pinhead. I apparently enjoy my own suffering and raising hell – I see shadow work as the route to happiness. Angel to some, demon to others! But I have such sights to show you…

We’ve all got our shadow sides, it’s nothing to be ashamed of, expressing it once a year isn’t a problem… and is quite cathartically healthy, in a way. We can’t ignore our dark side, we all have one. One year we might be having a hard time and may feel drawn to dressing as a vampire, the next we might be feeling better and want to be a superhero. That’s OK. We can explore our dark side safely, though Halloween fancy dress.

If we’re not aware of our dark side though or are in denial, we might just be destroying our relationships with our toxic behaviour. What’s important is, whether or not it’s our fault we feel bad, to take responsibility for it, to heal our hurts rather than ignore them, and try to improve ourselves a little bit at a time. It can take ages, so don’t be hard on yourself if this suddenly makes you realise you’re masking some unhappy / dark feels – almost everyone is! The first step to feeling better is acknowledgement and acceptance.

The internet is a mess

At that time I remember it feeling like the wild west, a whole new world to create beginnings from, and a new community based on global standards and the sharing of free information. It was going to unite humanity and I was a part of that, it was so exciting and optimistic. 

I’m so aged now I remember when the web became a popular thing. I was the third person to post a story about Crohn’s disease, on the entire Internet. Eeeee thems were the days. It was possible to know most of the Internet back then, and the same people popped up everywhere, like a new global family.

Then.. AOL happened. Companies realised the power of locking people into their ecosystem and controlling the user’s experience. It didn’t have to be good, just convenient.

People formed groups – you were either AOL or not. Then you were Geocities, or not. Then Friendster, LiveJournal, MySpace, Facebook, Insta, Apple, Android, etc. Everyone got put into little segregated cultures, cliques, and the Internet experience became curated for us by algorithms, programmed by people wanting to make money from us, and affect our thoughts politically. Via convenience, marketing and peer pressure, we became addicted to it, and dependent. The Internet is a bit fucked now.

Same as the world in general, too. We’ve become dependent on the capitalist systems around us, immersed in our specific segregated mindsets (i.e. patriotism), and lost track of the big picture of what makes us happy and healthy.

We think we’re free and awakening, and using the Internet is amazing to connect to like minded people, feel validated, and communicate and spread good messages and whatnot. But when we’re on it all day, and online communications take over from real life, we lose ourselves to it. It changes our mindset, affects our personality, we don’t even see it. We’re back in the matrix. It can be as damaging, or much worse than TV for randomly bringing you up and down emotionally.

So for now I’m gonna half my usage and restrict myself to two posts a day, checking in on replies twice a day, and putting a schedule around it. Balanced internetting. And now I will go for a walk and a paddle in the river 😊

Posting Puberty

Hello stranger! This is my first website since my first overly expressive comic sans monstrosity, and I feel like a yoof again. Welcome to my place on the web where I attempt to disclose what things are about from my perspective, which as has been aforely mentioned, is somewhat of a shamanic, alchemical astrological one, although I’ll dabble in any perspective that fits. Please feel free to feast your eyes and bewilder your senses with my cognitive dissonance response provoking witterings, based upon my conversations with source/god/spirit/the universe (it doesn’t mind what it’s called).

My attempts to heal my ropey health lead to a spiritual awakening in 2016, where I didn’t quite fully heal myself, as I got a bit distracted with this ability to find out what the universe and life and stuff are about, but it’s all good progress. It turns out the universe is pretty cool, and all makes sense once you get a grasp of the basic underlying principles, and I think that being aware of them makes living life a whole lot easier. Alas it’s not the easiest thing to explain, especially if you’re not great at maths or drawing, but i’ll give it a shot. I’m a geek, and tend to see the world in 0s and 1s, black and white, dark and light, negative and positive, etc, although duality is a pretty basic underlying principle and there’s a lot more to it, it’s a decent place to start. 

If you read this entire page you will undoubtedly be offended in some way,  because everything has an opposite and valid perspective, and I attempt to cover them all. Enjoy! Or not. Preferably both.

It’s like a war inside me, i’m good ± i’m evil, two sides of the coin and I’ve been blessed with both. On one hand I am ya but I don’t like ya, I guess it’s the nature of the way things work” — Anthrax – Fueled

An awakening, alchemical, astrological, spiritual, shamanic perspective on life, love, the universe, and everything in-between