Hello universe

So you’ve found your way to this page for some reason and are wondering what it’s all about. The best way to explain is to ask you a question; how do you feel about the colour scheme of this image? Take a  few seconds to really look at it, and feel how it makes you feel:


Those of you operating from a lighter side of life, may perceive it as light, pleasing, uncluttered, simple, crisp, clean, relaxing, simple, undistracting minimal set of colours.

Those of you operating from a darker side of life, may perceive it as dull as hell. Bland, lacking colour, uninspiring, uninteresting, no personality, you’re bored already. Back to Instagram!

If you’ve made it this far, you may very well see it as a little bit of both. You might feel more strongly towards one perspective, but you can appreciate it can be both uncolourful, and uncluttered. It can be boring, and relaxing. How you feel emotionally right now, will affect what you perceive from this grey design. You’re operating from a grey side of life. You might like it one day and dislike it the next or be ambivalent to it entirely. That’s good. This website is for you.

Our universe and world is currently split by duality, binary, two sided opinions of what is right or wrong. Right/left wing politics, yes or no, right or wrong, good or bad, negative or positive, 1 or 0. I tend to believe the ‘truths’ of a situation are usually a combination of the two; a compromise, a meeting in the middle, a meeting of the minds. Black and white thinking misses out on all the interesting shades of grey that hold it together; the in-between.

I’ve spent some time exploring consciousness, mostly through meditation and finding ways to heal my chronic illness. Along the way I ended up accidentally realising I could have a good chat with source/the universe/god – I go into that more later – and I was lucky enough to find out some good info on how this life and universe stuff works. It’s pretty fascinating. I don’t see any third eye imagery or meditative visualisations, so my understanding of it is more as logic or computer code, the reasons why and how things fit together. I only see energy movement, in black and white swirls and circles. When I close my eyes and visualise, I see this:

Other websites and people who communicate with source may offer a beautiful, poetic, image laden spectacular view of the universe and all of its glory where it’s discussed with reverence and awe. I get to see the framework behind all of that. It isn’t pretty, but it makes sense, and it’s where the rules and secrets to life are contained. And I love it!

Here I’ll attempt to share it in a way which makes sense to the every day man like myself. I’m not religious, new age, a shaman, astrologist, numerologist or mathematician, i’m a meat suit with some jack of all trades psychic stuff going on who had a spiritual awakening after a health crisis. It was quite a shock! Now I speak to the universe, as we all can do, and do unawares all of the time (which I’ll explain later). I ask it questions, listen, learn, and have some tips and feedback I’d like to share on how we can understand and improve our lives, and life on earth overall.

Welcome to source code consciousness, where I’ll describe what the universe and I think of life, death, but mostly the in-between. 

An awakening, alchemical, astrological, spiritual, shamanic perspective on life, love, the universe, and everything in-between

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