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Manifesting a new earth’s golden age

So I’ve been banging on about the golden age for some time now, feeling it and working towards sharing those feels with the conscious collective for a few years. http://www.instagram.com/awakeameme was my place to see and address the obstacles to that path, and mostly working through my dark night of the soul’s shadow work rather than positive visioning manifesting. I’m doing more of that now, and I’m much more consciously aware of how my words affect my and others reality these days. Writing things down really does help make it happen, and publishing it publicly makes it happen faster.

So, what is the golden age energy I’m feeling?

It’s a future which hasn’t manifested in 3D yet. But consciously, it’s kicking in, and growing like seeds. The seeds are sown. Flowers, which when grown will create more flowers. As linear time unfolds it becomes a field of sunflowers, and I’m standing in it going “ahh this is lovely!”

Every positive thought towards a golden future makes a difference

It’s an energetic template to embody – like a divine feminine/masculine, twin flame, that sort of thing. It’s a combination of these, and kicks in when combined with emotional alchemy and self actualisation through healing our negative karma, with light, shadow and inner child work.

It’s a combination of the masculine force – God energy, and feminine flow – Goddess energy. Rather than being about the battle between light and dark, it’s appreciation that without darkness there can be no light – it’s making peace with our own shadows and no longer fearing ourselves or each other. Respect and reverence for all and realising we are all opposite reflections of the same thing – and that we are all one. It’s a place where different religions and factions of spirituality learn to appreciate each other’s perspectives, and how similar all are underneath the historical infighting. It’s to feel the Alpha and Omega inside of us and reach creator mode, where what we say and do affects our outer reality much faster. It’s a mental dimension and mood to reach – then the challenge is to stay in that mindset and energy while the 3D world reacts in 🤯 as they don’t know what to do with it. It’s ‘holding the line’ in 3D until reality reflects our positive feelings back to us. It feels like becoming like a sun, and seeing the planets orbit around you, but rarely too closely. The people who resonate with you are either their own suns too, or close to becoming one. And that’s ok, as we don’t need anyone, we’re happy and full of love for ourselves, with a full love cup and a radiating upper heart chackra. Sun-flowers. Others make life better, rather than fill a hole in our sole, as our souls are restored, and our energy is no longer being depleted by negative forces. Instead of chasing what we need, we attract it by living our best lives, until we need for nothing. It’s inner and outer peace.

One for all, and all for one love!

In terms of relationships it’s letting go of attachment, yet still loving fully. It’s like everyone is each others ‘twin flame’, and can unconditionally love from the heart, without the drama. Codependency, envy, loneliness and jealously fall away and are replaced with appreciation for the other having a fulfilling life, while encouraging you to do so also. If that’s the traditional family unit, great, that works for many and there is no need for anything to change. If it isn’t, it’s freedom and encouragement to be whoever you are, with shame and judgement replaced with acceptance and appreciation for life’s rich tapestry of different ways to feel and be. It’s the end to having to conform to rules set by others on how we should feel – it’s freedom to be ourselves!

Connected through unconditional love, we mentally, emotionally, and physically feel each other’s energetic bodies. We know and feel if we’ve made someone happy or upset, and as it affects us too, we instinctively own our issues and try to make things better. It’s knowing and feeling that to hurt another is to hurt yourself, and to love another is to love yourself. It reinforces the basic core guidance of spirituality and religion – to treat others as we wish to be treated, and to treat ourselves as we wish others treated us. It’s appreciating that we’re all mirrors of each other, and instead of trying to change someone else, we heal ourselves and let the other make their own decisions in their own time. It’s letting go of controlling others, and supporting them, if they want it. The global energy of control shifts towards collaboration and equality.

It’s a place of healing where grown ups heal from their limiting conditioning and traumas, and children grow up in safe and loving environments, with enough responsible adults to care for them, so they never learn early trauma, codependency or loneliness. They grow up to be healthier and happier than we were, with positive, healthy influences looking after them in a supportive environment, more like a tribal setting, who I believe we can learn so much from on how to live connected with each other, the land, seasons and spirit. The golden age feels in tune with the natural rhythms of Gaia, space and time, with galactic natural law and time restored on earth to the 13 moon cycle calendar – turtle time!

Natural time is where synchronicity is the default setting for life, rather than an occasional surprise, and we synch back up with the natural rhythms and flow of mother Earth’s seasons, instinctively feeling her – as birds do, for example. From this place we are in tune with the seasons, what we feel we should do, and when. We all flow naturally, like a turtle riding the current – living in the now.

Turtle interpretation from the Oneida people 🐢

From here, life progresses effortlessly. It becomes a breeze. Guided by the energies and at one with the Tao we feel connected with everything, yet still feel like individuals who can choose to live the life they want to to live. It’s a combination of our egos working in collaboration with spirit, letting go of blame or rejection of either.

With all of this self love, acceptance and sharing comes natural flowing abundance, in health, wealth and love for and from others. Everyone has their basic needs met, and survival mode is no longer a thing. Financially all have enough to live on if they choose a simple life, with a warm and happy home to live in. New forms of free, sustainable energy become available through combining the technology of past civilisations with Tesla’s models, with capitalism and profits no longer being the sole driving force behind infrastructure investment.

Everyone has the option to work if they want to earn more and improve their lives, and many will want to, so we can still live within a system with electricity and supermarkets and cities and whatnot – if we choose that life. No-one has to lose a lifestyle they love, if it’s working for them. Change is optional. For those who don’t want to work in the traditional 9-5 sense, land is freed up and allocated to people who are free to create their own self sufficient communities, with freedom to live as they choose. Council standards are relaxed and communities are free to choose their own rules to live by. Borders are open, immigration is encouraged, humans are free to be and live however and wherever they choose.

Plant those trees and permaculture plots all over the place!

There is no class system – everyone gets the same living wage from a central, global fund (relative to each country’s basic living requirements) and decides what to do with it. The living wage actually covers living and housing requirements, rather than being a pittance trapping people into poverty. Rather than being seen as benefits, it’s an individual living wage all are entitled to by default. Corporations pay full tax, no exclusions, no foreign bank accounts. Individuals have a cap on the amount of savings they can horde, with anything over an alloted amount automatically diverted to a central fund, devoted to charities cleaning up the planet.

People can still work to become rich if they want – but this savings/profit limit encourages the rich to spend regularly, and funnel their profits back into society. Workers are treated with respect, because they don’t financially rely on their job, and are therefore free to leave any roles that aren’t treating them well. Many people want to work, when they enjoy their work. Physically and emotionally demanding jobs are the best paid roles, i.e. nurses are paid far more than office workers. Fair treatment and pay returns to the job market.

Politicians return to their original function of being true servants to the people. The left vs right system of politics is disbanded, and replaced with country councils of experts in their field, democratically voted in by the people. Information is shared across the globe, working collaboratively on initiatives, based on which country is doing best in their respective areas of expertise. Political promises made are recorded and checked, and those who fulfil their promises stay elected. If not there is a democratic election to replace one person at a time. Politics media spin is replaced by fact checking promises vs results. To encourage more long term sustainable investment initiatives for the future, political experts stay in their role for as long as they are doing a good job. All politicians are monitored independently for corruption, and that group are monitored for corruption too. The watchers watch the watchers watching the watchers.

Human rights, where all are respected as autonomous sovereign beings, are paramount. Everyone has individual free will and choice over what they allow into their bodies, minds, hearts, energy field and souls, and how they choose to live. Political councils are there to organise democratically voted in initiatives rather than dictate them. The people have the power.

We’re literally all in this together

We experience both security, and freedom. We get what we need automatically – and we can work if we want to appeal to our ego’s wants and desires, to improve our life to have more luxury – but it is no longer a necessity to survive. We can be still, or achieve, with no pressure to do either unless it feels right for us. We are free to fulfill our soul’s purpose (dharma) without the need to work to survive. Our soul’s purpose feels more like fun than work, and we heal ourselves and others, rippling peace and love out to the planet and wider cosmos.

It’s the end to poverty and hunger, and solution to our growing population’s food issues. People feel free, emotionally fulfilled, no longer slaves, no longer energetically manipulated/raped/abused/disrespected/depleted by the system. With this shift people naturally stop wanting to eat meat or dairy, as they no longer resonate with or require food with similar energy to take the edge off of their emotions – which they no longer need to suppress to get through their stressful working day. As within, so without. As jobs and pay become fairer, people eat lighter and healthier.

The 5 day working week is reduced to 4, and later 3 days a week where feasible. By restoring our weekly work/life balance back to health and having more rest time than work, while eliminating our environmental and emotional problems, the world slowly and gently turns vegetarian, and then vegan. Love and compassion for all replace fear, stress and a dog eat dog attitude. Love becomes our default feeling for all sentient beings, and we live in harmony as one. Addictions to take the edge off of trauma and stress, also naturally come to an end. The planet is emotionally alchemised back to full health and harmony.

We need much less food, as our emotions are already fulfilled – we feel full – and we feel energised from each other, the earth and the sky – so we move towards healthy breatharianism. This shift occurs naturally and generationally, as food is the emotional crutch holding society together, and the hardest addiction to give up. We are happy, we stop emotionally eating, and eat what is right for us in healthy amounts. While this happens we no longer need to cater for the modern day obesity crisis, less farm land is required, which can then be bought by central funds and allocated towards self sustaining communities and re-wilding the planet.

Believe it to achieve it

Happiness, good health and having our basic needs met then slows down the world’s population boom. We have children out of love and because we are in a good position to start a family, rather than by accident or a subconscious need for more love in our lives. People are encouraged to heal and integrate their inner child, rather than subconsciously create a mirror mini-me to see their trauma and pass their karma on to. Negative karma is paid off, globally. The amount of people on earth shifts back to what she can support, and the world’s ecosystem and weather stabilise.

Our schooling and health systems are radically reformed, so people are taught how to holistically manage their physical, spiritual, energetic, mental and emotional health from day one. Disease is eradicated, due to people feeling at ease with themselves and their lives. Health complaints are treated with energy, light and sound, with us having a full understanding of emotional frequencies and the associated energy/image/audio required to reset any issues before they become serious physical complaints.

Genetically, we activate our dormant DNA back to our original template before humans began suppressing ourselves, and become energetically powerful again, feeling naturally energised with prana/chi and needing less calories for our bodies. This happens when emotionally we demonstrate and prove to spirit/God that we use this energy and power responsibly, and towards creating and maintaining the golden age energy. It happens as a byproduct of healing and shadow work, rather than being something to achieve. The people who heal and demonstrate they aren’t power hungry become powerful, and abusers of power lose out and have to make good on their negative karma. Everyone gets their justice. Over time, hierarchical systems of control flatten out where feasible, and balance is restored so everyone feels free and uncontrolled by others. Bosses become guides, rather than an authority.

Slowly, the world shifts, and where things are unhealthily unbalanced, the polarities are switched around, until a middle ground is found. There’s no destructive armageddon, world reset, patriarchy vs matriarchy, capitalism vs communism, 1 vs 99%, elites vs poor, black vs white, east vs west, dark vs light, vaccinated vs natural immunity. This is not about battling and defeating any perceived enemy. This is about achieving world peace, love, unity and respect. Duality is succeeded by non-duality – One Love – and when it’s time to party, we can party on and be excellent to each other! Or ignore parties all together as everyone has free will and self autonomy to do what they want as long as no-one is purposely harmed. The only energy to be eradicated is that of “evil” – and karma takes care of that naturally.

Peace and love and all that good stuff

Given we are all intrinsically connected with the planet’s energies, this starts with Africa, physically. It’s the heart of the earth, where humanity as we know it began, the centre of the landmass of our world before the earth shifted and broke up into separation during the world’s first Armageddon reset, which regularly come around when civilisations become too out of balance. It’s drought represents a drought of feminine and loving emotions across the planet. As a collective, we are emotionally ‘dry’ – and ‘plastic’ – fake. If we want to make a big positive difference to all of the world emotions, we begin with Africa’s water crisis, and heal the source/root of the problem. Then we clean up the rivers, lakes and seas.

Goddess Oshun is the deity for the job

We unclog and purify Gaia’s water flow, and the same happens with our collective emotions – as above so below, as within so without. We can achieve both either physically, or emotionally, whichever way of transmuting we prefer, as both are required. Once this happens, the 3D world shifts into its golden age automatically. It is the start of the snowball effect required to get the ball rolling for all of the world’s emotions to feel gently purified, and heal. It’s all about the water. Stay hydrated!

So yep, that’s my idea of the golden age in a nutshell. There’s plenty more detail I could add but this feels good for now. This is what I’m manifesting with this website and through music playlists. I feel it happening, for me and my little bubble of consciousness and some current connections at least. What the rest of the world does is up to them – it’s all good. Love wins in the end, because everyone wants love – it’s what brings us all together.

We can’t bypass the problems in the world – but If we always talk about doom, we bring about more doom. If we talk about love, we bring about more love

How does this fit in with your vision of the future? If you want to see it happen – write it down and talk about it! I’d love to hear everyone else’s vision and where there is any opportunity to co-create a harmonious future on earth together 🙂

Whatever your thing is, you can do the thing! 🙌