Life Source

‘Source’ – the origin of universal life and consciousness, as far as I understand it at this moment in time. That’s one word for it. You might call it the Universe, Spirit, God, intuition, inspiration, synchronicity, or divine timing. You might refer to individual deities from Indian, Egyptian, Christian, Norse, Pagan, or a whole variety of current and past cultures far too long to list, or too potentially controversial for me to mention. Some of us look to books, some to (father) spirit, some to the (mother) earth, some seek externally, some seek within. As above, so below; one entry point and perspective of reality can reflect another’s. We’re drawn to it and interpret it in different ways, and that is exactly as it’s meant to be.

Collaborative coexistence creates a bigger picture

The commonalities between the interpretations all are conscious energy, the emotions they evoke within us, and a ‘voice’ of sorts – whatever we refer to it as, some of us feel it, speak to it, hear it, see it, or experience it via a variety of senses if we’re lucky. Source is a conscious energy that we can talk to for direction on how best to navigate through life. It lives through us, we live through it.

Whoa, dude, it’s all just markup text, CSS and holographic vector mapping!

There’s more to source than consciousness and visuals, it’s more than a pretty face. The underlying code – the energy laws of the universe and Karma bind them all. No matter which avenue we experience source through, the high level spiritual or religious messages, drawings and stories seem to correlate across time, language and boundaries… They usually boil down to the laws of duality – treat others as you want others to treat you, because the creatures and places in life we’re drawn to are our mirrors, reflecting back an aspect of our own energy to us.

What determines these rules of duality, what keeps it in place? What is cause and effect? We’re familiar with the flower of life, fibonacci spirals and and the yin yang – visual / numeric / duality based representations of what’s going on underneath, the physics, that brings life together. This is like computer code – it has structure, rules, libraries, definitions, variables, and IF/ELSE style statements that determine the impact to every choice we make in life.

If you ask someone what a website is like, they’ll describe the content, imagery and emotions it evokes. Underneath it, it’s all code. One you understand the code, you can operate the program a whole lot easier. Humans have DNA – that’s our code. Everything that has energy has code. Even an idea.

This applies for Atheists too, who may think they have freedom and control but this is blatant denial IMHO. What goes around comes around, whether or not you personally call it Karma or just see it as a thing in life, such as ‘I deserved it’, ‘you get back what you give’, ‘we reap what we sow’, ‘Murphy’s law’ or ‘life’s a bitch and then you die!’ Sorry Athiests, this is the one culture I don’t mind about offending, having been there myself for some time… you can take blunt personal truths too, right? It’s all about being realistic! 😉

The simplistic message of being reasonable with each other isn’t enough for us humans who over complicate it with our egos, fears, wants, needs, lessons, analogies and gradually embellished stories that turn simple analogies into myths, and confuse everything entirely… i.e. Jesus probably didn’t actually walk on water. He probably managed his emotions – he rose above drama, he was balanced. Spiritually, water represents the emotions. Spiritual messages can be lost over time, when stories are taken literally and reinterpreted, and remember that the Christian bible you may have read has been translated into English. There was no Google translate 2000 years ago, so much of it will be iffy, and metaphors translated literally from the original Hebrew, Aramaic, and Greek. Read in-between the lines for the real messages.

With this website I’ll attempt to describe the common patterns in life, lessons, and strip it all back to the universal basic nuts and bolts, without saying anything that might offend an entire culture too much. Going back to source helps clear through any misinterpretations, although as I’m now translating it through my ego, I may add some new misinterpretations. Don’t quote me, mmkay? If you find anything here interesting, go research it further, and get some different sided opinions. It’s really important to balance out perspectives.

Don’t really do this. It’s best not to meet negative with negative. Unless they are a TOTAL fuck face, of course.

Ultimately, the only person who can tell you what’s right for you, is you, and your own conversation with your own version of source consciousness. Everyone can only tell you what’s right for them, and it’s up to you if you agree or not. Everyone lives in a different dimension and reality you see, so…. well that’s another article.

So, what is Source? In summary, Source is both the life force of the entire universe, a shared collective consciousness of life’s flow, and also unique to you – its the energy that you feel is Source, which you access the way you feel suits you best. It’s the feeling that sits in your gut or the back of your mind that helps you make the right decision for yourself, to help you move with life’s flow, rather than against the current. It knows you better than you know yourself, it knows your past, present and future, your code and the code of life you operate within. It’s harsh but fair, it’s always knows best, it isn’t biased, it just is. Sometimes it tests or tricks you into thinking something wrong, but always, it’s for your overall growth if you stick with it and sometimes we have to go through difficult things. It’s your best friend in life who will give you a hand when you ask it for help and give it your trust.

This is not to be confused with sauce. Physical sauce can be nice on food. If people give you emotional sauce, tell them to get lost (with love)! The only thing you should take any energetic sauce from, is Source.

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