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Spirit comes to us all in different ways

We all interpret spirit in a variety of ways, and each of us will have a slightly different perspective of spirituality or religion depending on our cultural influences. Perhaps your brain interprets spirit energy as the entire connected universe, Source, your superconscious, intuition, a passed over relative, a man with a beard, a lady with wings, a lanky human with a bird head and impractically long beak, an animal guide, a plant, mother earth, a goddess with lots of arms, or a giant spaghetti octopus monster – it’s real to you and your reality, and likely a bunch of other people too.

If it works, it works, and we say “yes, that is Real” and lock it in our brains as ‘Truth’. The problems come when we judge other people’s realities as wrong. This is our ego defending our fragile reality by going on the attack first. We all do it. I am doing it right now by writing this and expressing my opinion. But that’s all it is, an opinion based on my view of what reality is, which is unique to me.

Reality is a fragile construct indeed. We all have a different version of what it is, and we surround ourselves with other people who share that opinion. This validates our perspectives as a ‘truth’. As long as we remember that our view of spirituality is personal to us and others are equally as valid, all is well.

Why do some people find Goddess Isis reach out to them, whilst others may hear the voice of God, or perhaps Odin, or Kali? Because they are all energies which are available to us to access via our imagination and intuition. If we have heard of a specific God archetype in the past and subconsciously identified with it as an aspect of our personality, then that God/ess may reach out to you. They are manifestations of our subconscious, whilst also being real in their own right in an alternative spirit plane. ‘God’ creates us, we create gods, in our image – in ways in which we can understand, surrounded by mythological tales which reflect aspects of humanity and our own journeys. Essentially we are putting labels and images on top of energies we just ‘feel’, and interacting with them. This is connecting with spirit. We are essentially universal translators – the gods we speak to will come with our voices, in our language – but they will feel quite different, and have an independent energy of their own.

You may find trees talk to you, a monster from a horror movie, or a king from the Orion system. At different stages of the spiritual awakening process, it may be that you have some form of contact with multiple different kinds of spirits and extra terrestrial energies. Just go with it – whatever is reaching out to you, is right for you to engage with and learn from. When people discuss the spiritual messages they receive from a variety of sources, they often seem to end up being the same messages, delivered in a different format. All paths seem to lead to the same destination eventually, and everyone takes a slightly different path that feels right for them.

There’s no right or wrong way. Just your way.