Posting Puberty

Hello stranger! This is my first website since my first overly expressive comic sans monstrosity, and I feel like a yoof again. Welcome to my place on the web where I attempt to disclose what things are about from my perspective, which as has been aforely mentioned, is somewhat of a shamanic, alchemical astrological one, although I’ll dabble in any perspective that fits. Please feel free to feast your eyes and bewilder your senses with my cognitive dissonance response provoking witterings, based upon my conversations with source/god/spirit/the universe (it doesn’t mind what it’s called).

My attempts to heal my ropey health lead to a spiritual awakening in 2016, where I didn’t quite fully heal myself, as I got a bit distracted with this ability to find out what the universe and life and stuff are about, but it’s all good progress. It turns out the universe is pretty cool, and all makes sense once you get a grasp of the basic underlying principles, and I think that being aware of them makes living life a whole lot easier. Alas it’s not the easiest thing to explain, especially if you’re not great at maths or drawing, but i’ll give it a shot. I’m a geek, and tend to see the world in 0s and 1s, black and white, dark and light, negative and positive, etc, although duality is a pretty basic underlying principle and there’s a lot more to it, it’s a decent place to start. 

If you read this entire page you will undoubtedly be offended in some way,  because everything has an opposite and valid perspective, and I attempt to cover them all. Enjoy! Or not. Preferably both.

It’s like a war inside me, i’m good ± i’m evil, two sides of the coin and I’ve been blessed with both. On one hand I am ya but I don’t like ya, I guess it’s the nature of the way things work” — Anthrax – Fueled

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